South State Swing Dance Party Utah
South State Blues & Lindy

Looking for something FUN to do on a Thursday night? These dances are every 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month!

South State Blues & Lindy - Dance Social

1st & 3rd Thursday of the month!

south-state-swing-picWelcome to South State Blues & Lindy - dance in the beautiful DF Grand Ballroom and start your weekend early!

Invite your friends, family, neighbors, colleagues - everyone!

Music: Blues & Lindy

DJ: Andi & Anthony

Time: 9pm - 12am

Beginner Class: 9 - 9:30pm

Cost: $7/person

Come right at 9pm so we can show you the basics for the first 30min and practice your moves for the rest of the night!

We have a room for Blues and a room for Lindy, so pick your favorite and dance the night away!


Come support the Blues & Lindy community!

Info: 801.466.0490

Please check our CALENDAR for complete list of events