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Best of State 2010-2015 and Best of City Weekly 2015. Read our reviews and join our dance family!

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We love hearing from our students! Read our google reviews here and see what other students are saying! DF Studio Google Reviews. See you on the dance floor!

Kids Dance Lessons in Salt Lake City, Utah - Start Jan 2017!

Register your child

We are excited to expand our kids and youth classes. Fall registration is now closed, but Spring registration is open for classes starting in January! Learn more about registration here. We offer a variety of dance styles for kids, including ballroom, salsa, hip hop, performance & break dancing. Here are three ways we have FUN with our kids program:

First, CLASSES! DF Dance Studio is known for creating a fun and easy-to-learn atmosphere. Our students love what we do because we have staff who know how to create an exciting learning environment. We love to play dance games with the kids while exploring the movements our bodies can do! Expect your child to start dancing everywhere - at school, at the grocery store, at home - dancing is addictive and healthy for their growing bodies & minds. We offer a variety of styles so kids can experience different moves and rhythms: Hip Hop, Break Dancing, Salsa, Ballroom, & Technique

Second, PARTIES! We have monthly event parties for KIDS ONLY. Okay, so we may need an adult or two as chaperones but the event itself is for our youth. We want to create a community and help our kids find and play with their dance friends. We will be hosting different activities such as game nights and movie nights for your kids and their friends to come enjoy.

Third, PERFORMANCES! What kid doesn't like showing off for their parents? It's a great time for families including parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends to come enjoy supporting your little ones as they show off all they have learned that semester. Each class will have at least one routine in the show. Next show is on June 10th, 2017.

Classes offered January 9 - June 10, 2017

Spring Semester Info

  • Ages 3-4:     Combo Class (ballet, ballroom, creative movement)
  • Ages 5-6:     Hip Hop & Break Dance
  • Ages 7+:   Hip Hop, Break Dance, Ballroom, & Salsa

Enroll Jan - Feb 2017

Youth Program

  • Kids Youth Dance Classes at DF Dance Studio!
  • DF Dance - Kids Break Dance Class
  • Kids, Junior, & Youth Dance Classes at DF Dance Studio in Salt Lake City
  • Kids Dance Parties - We Have FUN at DF Dance!

Classes for ages 3-18

Drop in and try us out during January 2017! Drop ins are just $12/class!

  Kids Program Brochure

Important Dates

  • June 12 - Summer Classes & Camps start!

Ask us

Questions? Ask us!

Why put them in dance?

Exercise: Everyone knows that kids these days can use a little more exercise every chance that they can get! Dancing is a great aerobic activity that will get them moving and help develop their agility and coordination too.

Confidence: Learning to dance is a no-pressure physical activity that will help them to really develop self-confidence, which in turn will help them cope well with the real world when they are adults.

Making friends: Dancing is a social activity, and your child will learn the basics of social etiquette along with enjoying making new friends in a fun environment.