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Best of State 2010-2015 and Best of City Weekly 2015. Read our reviews and join our dance family!

DF Dance Studio is expanding its program for children and youth. Now there are more classes to choose from than ever. The featured styles include popular dances from all over the world!.

Kids can show their individuality through the groovy beats of hip hop and break dance. These classes allow students to feel comfortable with any music and their body. No moves are wrong! Dancers gain confidence by expressing themselves in unique ways which greatly helps them in their social and academic lives.

Learning ballroom dance teaches youth discipline and hard work. Once they commit, results are always fantastic. These young dancers are driven and excited to improve their skills. It is also a perfect opportunity to make friends.

We prepared some special classes for your kids. Now they will get a chance to learn Tahitian dance. This style can be a fun and exciting getaway for all ages. Our experienced instructors will work with students to develop musicality and skilled body movement. The practices provide plenty of exercise to keep kids fit and healthy, which is especially needed after a long day sitting at their school desks.

Any of these classes benefit your children culturally, physically, and emotionally. Join our dance family today!

Enroll your kid(s) in our excellent dance program here.