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Best of State 2010-2015 and Best of City Weekly 2015. Read our reviews and join our dance family!

Competitive & Performance Dance

It is so empowering to shine on stage. Our competitive program is designed to help you do just that. Choose from Ballroom, Latin, Salsa, West Coast Swing or Bachata and take your dancing to the next level in a competition or at showcase! Dance with one of our professional instructors to improve faster & look fantastic under the stage lights. They will help you acheive your dreams.

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Start competing and performing!

To compete and perform, you generally need a partner. Your partner could be another student or your instructor in a pro/am competition or a showcase.

Private lessons give you detailed and precise training with your partner so you can progress quickly and confidently. With lessons tailored specifically to you and your dance partner, you're able to get the dance instruction and practice you need to excel as a performer and competitor.

We have professional instructors in Salsa, Bachata, Latin, Ballroom, Argentine Tango & West Coast Swing to teach you what you need to know!

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Perform & Shine

Competitive is right for you if you can imagine yourself performing in costume with confidence and charisma. Our instructors will get you there.


For dancers who want to be excellent at their craft, private lessons give them the tools they need.

Multiple Styles

Our competitive dancers generally learn multiple styles to truly be a force in the dance world.

Career Aspirations

Make dancing a career. Competitive dancing gives you the experience to become a dance professional.

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