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  • (801) 466-0490

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TWERK Fusion - Get Your Groove On!

DF Dance is estatic to offer this unique and popular style. Light up your life with a FUN new class!

TWERK & Latin Fusion

Fun, energetic classes using a fusion of TWERK dancing with reggaeton, salsa, bachata, hip hop, and tahitian infusion. Learn the techniques of moving your hips & body in this class that will make you feel empowered & sexy - don't miss it!

When to join: Wednesdays from 7pm - 7:50pm - 2 weeks total (May 2 to May 9). Join anytime.

Who can join: Everyone welcome! No previous experience required. This is a mixed level class, wear something that makes you feel confident & comfortable. We recommend wearing a close-fitting shirt that won't ride up, along with either shorts or non-constricting leggings or pants, sneakers, and knee pads or long socks if you have knee issues.

This is seriously SUCH a fun class. We work on a new routine every class. People leave invigorated and smiling after this great workout, it's such a friendly atmosphere and such a blast to dance!

Cost: $15 per person per single class, $12 per class for 2 week session in May ($24 for both May 2 & May 9)

    Twerk Latin Dance Workshop Salt Lake City