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Best of State 2010-2015 and Best of City Weekly 2015. Read our reviews and join our dance family!

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  • (801) 466-0490

Everyone can dance!

We help adults from all walks of life and with any level of previous experience, to find their tribe and achieve a new skill through our beginner friendly dance lessons and socials!

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Congratulations on taking the first step into exciting world of dance! Spice up your days with Salsa dancing, elegant Ballroom, passionate Tango or easy and fun Swing dance lessons, Your only regret will be that you didn't start sooner. So let's get you started!

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How is our dance studio different?

We are Salt Lake City's premier dance studio, home to 13 professional dance instructors in Salsa, Ballroom, Latin, West Coast Swing, Argentine Tango, Country, Hip Hop, Break Dancing, Ballet and Jazz. We offer over 30 group dance classes per week for adults and kids, in addition to West Coast, Salsa, Ballroom and Blues weekend dance socials. Complete beginners are always welcome and you don't need a partner for any of our dancing lessons or socials. Check out our class schedule , call to schedule a private lesson or simply stop by one of our dance parties! We believe that dancing is essential to personal happiness, and we are glad to offer so many chances for people of Utah to be happy. Start dancing today!

Dance Lessons Utah

For those who want focused and detailed learning, we offer private lessons. For those who want to learn in a group setting, we offer 24 group classes a week. For those who are dancing to meet people, we offer student mixers, studio parties, dance socials, and a great community to be in. Whew! There's definitely something here for everyone!

Dancing classes Salt Lake City

Everyone belongs, you do too! We have our best memories together - life is just better when everyone is here. It is very true that a family who dances together stays together. Whether you're brand new to the family or you've been here since we started in 2008, you are an important member of our community and we're so happy to have you dance and hang with us. 

Ballroom Dance Instructors Utah

It's our top priority to re-think, re-learn, & re-vamp what we do. We are the best at what we do and we stay the best by continous learning and improving. Our students keep coming back because we always offer new steps and material for them. Our instructors continually take lessons and attend conferences to stay on top. DF is a studio that loves to learn. 

Salsa Ballroom Swing Tango Dance Lessons Utah

What do we stand for? Dance Fusion. We are a melting pot of styles, from Salsa to Ballroom, Tango, Country and Swing Dancing. Our well-rounded dancers are unique because they know so many styles. This makes our dance parties and shows so amazing. It's a unique place indeed where you can find so many styles of dance and such a diverse group of people. 

See What Dancing Can Do For You

The benefits of dancing are endless: gain confidence, get healthy, have fun, belong to a group, rekindle romance, loose weight, learn a new skill, perform and compete and so much more. Dancing is a great way to connect with others while having fun and enjoying yourself and having a blast!

  • Gain Confidence

    There's something that's so empowering about trying dance. You're putting yourself in an unfamiliar, exciting situation - and it will pay off.

  • Perform & Compete

    It is so rewarding to get up on a stage and show the world how far you've come! If you're interested in performing, private dance lessons are the best way to go.

  • Get Healthy

    It's no mystery that exercise is good for your health. Dancing is a whole body exercise that gets your heart pumping and your joints moving.

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Dance Styles We Teach

  • Discover the Magic of Argentine Tango at DF Dance Studio!
  • Adult Hip Hop at Df Dance Studio
  • Salsa Classes at DF Dance Studio - Start Now!
  • Smooth, Romantic Bachata Dancing at DF Dance Studio - Salt Lake City
  • West Coast Swing CRAVE Social at DF Dance
  • Country Swing Dance Utah at DF Dance Studio - Rock those country clubs & bars!
  • Utah Ballroom Dancing Lessons - DF Dance Studio
  • Cicily & Cohen practicing their ballroom dance at DF Dance Studio
  • Passionate, Romantic Tango at Salt Lake City's The Gateway Mall