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Best of State 2010-2015 and Best of City Weekly 2015. Read our reviews and join our dance family!

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Beginner Adult Dance Classes

"I am not sure if the happier I am, the more I dance,
or the more I dance, the happier I am...
Either way, I will be dancing."
  •   Complete beginners welcome
  •   No partner required
  • Group class pricing varies between $3-$15/class per person depending on the package you choose. Complete pricing here.
      • Join anytime classes

      • Enjoy a night out!

        "Join anytime" classes don't buid on each other week to week, so you can join them anytime. Great for trying out a style or a fun night out. Not designed for in-depth learning.

        • Join anytime
        • No commitment
        • No week to week progression
        • Always beginner level
        • Fun date night or class trial!
      • Schedule
      • Progressive Monthly Courses

      • Become a confident dancer!

        Monthly courses progress week to week allowing students to improve & continue learning as they move from level to level. Join 1st week of the month.

        • Join 1st week of the month
        • 1-3 months commitment
        • Progress week to week
        • Move from level to level
        • Become a confident dancer
      • Schedule