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  • 2978 S State Salt Lake City Utah
  • (801) 466-0490
  • (801) 466-0490

Dear DF Students & Dancers, as of Tuesday, 03.17, All DF group classes will be taking place ONLINE to do our part in social distancing & stopping the spread of COVID - 19. Private lessons will continue in-studio as scheduled until further notice.

We would like to see current challenges as an OPPORTUNITY. An opportunity to get to know your teacher & fellow students, really BOND & CONNECT as a community, improve in our dance technique, learn how to practice, get PERSONALIZED feedback & weather this quarantine together!

How do I sign up & get online access?

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      Need help? Txt 801.466.0490
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Best online class practices
Arrive 5-10min early. Please make sure your online name and your Mindbody name is the same (or similar). Turn off your microphone & only enable it when you have a question.

What do I get with my pass?

    • 8 class online pass

    • $40


    • Just $5/online live interactive class! Thank U for ur support!
      1 class = 1 punch = 1 person
    • 12 class pass

    • $100

    • Use your current 12 class pass or get a new one at a discounted rate!
    • Current Studio Memberships

    • varies

    • Dear Members! WE LOVE U!
      Members get access to everything (all online classes & challenges). Plus weekly critic video with each member!

Beyond the basics class schedule?

Important Information

We have made changes and adjustments to continue your learning online with your current pass or membership! There will be a weekly LIVE 45min class with Q & A, additional drills & skills videos during the week & homework! Monthly members get access to all styles and classes. 12 class pass holders can transfer to online pass or put their pass on hold until in-studio classes are in session!
Continue learning and using your membership, now with some added value! You will have access to ALL styles, but now in addition to Live classes, you will have an opportunity to get individual feedback from your teachers, get homework and additional practice & drills videos! Plus your membership includes our "Corona dance challenges" we are putting together where you will learn a routine!
- $40/8 class/2 mon pass

- $10/drop ins
Please join in the beginning of the month for beginner classes. Beyond the basics classes can be joined any week, but we recommend to be consistent and start in the beginning fo the month for optimal learning.
Please go to our online schedule on this website and register, we will send you a link and all the instructions on how to join your class via email / text to join your class!
Yes we do! Private lessons are being held as normal, however we DO have an option of doing it ONLINE. It is a wonderful INTERACTIVE option that many students use when taking lessons from out of town Pros!
We have adjusted our class cirriculum to make it valuable for those with a partner and without one! Lets use this time to really improve your footwork, style and musicality, so when we are back to "normal", you will be a NEW DANCER!
We are working on a series of DANCE ROUTINES that will be distributed to all the dancers to learn together online and post weekly/bi-weekly as a performance on your social media! These will be fun dance routines for ALL different styles!
If you miss the class but were enrolled, you will get a complete video recording of the class and would still be eligible for video critic (if on membership)