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Country Western Swing Dance Two Step Utah

Country Dance Lessons

Do you enjoy country music? Or at least appreciate the easy-going nature of country folk? Country Western is easy to start & lots of fun to social dance. There are lots of places around Salt Lake City to Country Western dance, so if you want to meet people, this is the style to know and it's a blast to do! You're welcome to wear boots to class if you've got them. Regardless, always come in something that makes it easy to move.

Next Country Western Crash Course - 08.31

Time: Every Thursday at 7pm, Starts August 31 - Join by September 7 - 12 wk course

Class Length: 50 minutes, once a week

We'll cover the basics of Country Swing, Country Line Dance, & Country Two Step in this 12 wk course so you can dance to any song that comes on. You'll have all the fundamentals you need to look cool on the dance floor. Lead or follow with ease. This is the perfect course for both complete beginners & those with country experience. No partner is required, and join by September 7.

Cost: $10/class per person when you buy the full course ($120 total - save $60!). Or $15 per single class.

This course can be taken again and again! Our Country Western Instructor teaches additional steps and variations every session - keep learning by re-enrolling.

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