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Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to take a private lesson, begin immediately!

10 week beginnercourses have a specific start date and must be joined on that date or the following week.

Drop-in classes can be joined anytime

Beginner bootcamps can be joined anytime

Beyond beginner classes can be joined anytime with instructor's approval

You can make up for missed classes by coming to any "Drop-in" classes before expiration of your pass.

If you will miss more than one class in a Beginner course, we encourage you to schedule a private lesson to make up for what you missed.

Of course! Beginners are our specialty. You can simply schedule a private lesson or register for a Beginner course online, by phone or text 8014660490, or at the studio.

Students are required to complete the complete beginner course before taking an assessment and moving on to next level.

Assessments are done by request in class.

We recommend that students wear comfortable clothes that they can freely move in. Dance shoes with a leather sole are recommended. We advise against shoes with a rubber sole that will grip the floor.
We do sell dance shoes at the studio. Stop by during front desk hours Mon-Thurs 12pm-9pm, Fri 12pm-8pm, or Sat 10am-4pm to try on shoes.

All group lessons & private lessons are 50 minutes long.

Unfortunately it is hard to say how long it will take someone to learn how to dance. Everyone progresses at their own pace. On average it takes students a minimum of 4 months to become comfortable at the beginner level (newcomer). You have to try it to find out! If you want to learn more quickly, we recommend private lessons.

We take dance education seriously, so we strongly recommend switching partners. This helps you become a great leader or follower by trying out what you're learning with everyone in the class. However, you do have the option of requesting to stay with your partner if that is your preference. Simply tell the instructor at the beginning of class.

99% of our classes don't require any partner at all! We try to make sure numbers stay as even as possible, and we rotate partners in class frequently so no one is left without a partner for long. Dance is naturally a social skill, and we like to keep it that way!

Yes you can! Our beginner 10 week courses don't have drop ins. But there are plenty of drop-in join anytime group classes during the week. Try out one of our drop-in classes, we are sure you will love it!

We teach a wide range of dance styles from Salsa, Bachata, and Ballroom to West Coast Swing, Country Swing, Hip Hop and more!

It really depends on your goal. If you are here to socialize, have fun, and learn a few steps, then group lessons are perfect for you. If you have goals to be a great social dancer, performer, or competitor, private lessons are the way to go. 


Policies & Procedures

You can register for dance classes online, over the phone or at the studio. We highly recommend pre-registering before classes start online to save time and receive discounted prices!

Go to Beginner Level 1 courses if you are just starting out and register on the website.

Students who have paid should check-in on one of the iPads in the classroom. Please DO NOT join the class before checking in and remember you will be charged for all classes attended. Thank you!

All passes have an expiration date. Passes activate on your 1st visit. Please pay attention to the expiration on your receipt and use your package within that time frame.

All payments for classes should be made BEFORE attending the class. In the case that you are attending more than one class in a night and one of the classes is unpaid, payment should be made before attending the unpaid class. Whenever possible, we recommend paying online to skip the line and save yourself time. We accept cash, Visa, Discover & Mastercard (NO checks or AmEx).

We love you, but there are no refunds on anything purchased online, over the phone, or in the studio.

You can pay for our group classes one at a time ($17/pp per class), or buy a punch pass. All cost is per person. Classes don't roll over. Passes can not be shared. See pricing page for more details.

Every student registering and taking classes at the studio need their own account and their own pass. Passes can not be shared. Sorry!