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Best of State 2010-2015 and Best of City Weekly 2015. Read our reviews and join our dance family!

Unlimited Studio Membership

ALL group classes + ALL socials = An Unlimited Dance Experience

Our monthly membership includes unlimited regular group classes (at your level) & dance socials! Dance as much as you could possibly want!

Memberships are PERFECT for you if:

  •   You want to improve quickly & take more than one class per week.
  •   You want to try out a variety of dance styles.
  •  You want to be a part of a vibrant community and meet new people at group classes and socials every week!

Let's Get Started!

Now it's time to dance! Sign up for your next class via our calendar or using the find a class menu option. Our socials happen as least once a week! We'll see you there, and welcome to our dance community.

Memberships FAQs

The answer is YES, with a few minor exceptions. Memberships do apply to all our weekly adult group classes at your level & socials. That's over 30 classes to choose from plus socials!

Please remember that memberships doesn't apply to special workshops or events, however they do include 1 team

Our monthly membership will cost $139 for the month. There is a minium of 3 month commitment and the membership autorenews after that monthly, but can be cancelled with 30 day written notice at anytime. Are you NEW TO THE STUDIO? You can try our "Beginner Intro Offer" for $99/1st month with no contract. Beginner Intro Offer applies to all Intro and Beginner classes and socials.

Attend drop-in classes anytime, no pre-registration required! For progressive courses, you MUST pre-register by the start of the class to reserve your spot.

To pre register use the calendar at the bottom of this page or find a class by style or level using the "Find a Class" menu option. You will be able to click straight through the payment page, as you've already purchased your membership!

To verify, you can click on your schedule which should list all of the classes you have pre-registered for.

Only take classes at your level, we want you to succeed! That means you should start in Level 1 (entry-level) of a dance style before taking Level 2. You may move to level two with instructor permission.

The following are NOT included in memberships: workshops, or special events.

We want you to start your dance journey as soon as possible! Memberships can be started at ANY time, but generally we would recommend starting towards the beginning of any month.

The reason: We usually have several Level 1 progressive courses that start in the first two weeks of the month, so that's a great time to join in! However, we have several drop-in classes throughout the month.

Regardless of when you join our dance family, there will always be plenty of classes & socials for you to attend.

Socials are your chance to have a blast using the moves that you've learned! Attend any of the following: Salsa/Bachata socials on 2nd & 4th Fridays, and West Coast Swing Socials every 1st and 3rd Friday of the month. Schedule is subject to change and depending on the day, there might be a special event we hold during those times during the year.

If you ever have a question about whether a social is "special" or not, check our full calendar here:

Full Calendar Here

Dance As Much As You Want!

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The Courses Included In Your Membership

Enroll in Level 1 classes unless an instructor has cleared you for Level 2 or 3