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Salsa and Bachata Adult Dance Teams

Being on a team is a great way to get performance experience, improve your technique and meet new friends! We offer different levels of teams at Df Dance Studio. Beginner level teams are focused on having fun and enjoying the thrill of a performance, while intermediate and competitive teams have strict audition requirements and focus on helping students challenge themselves and become more advanced dancers in their own right.

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EVERYONE WELCOME TO APPLY. We offer the following levels of teams:

-Performance Challenge- For beginner to intermediate dancers. This team focuses on learning a fun routine to perform. Don't miss out on belonging to a great community and shining onstage!

-Confident Beginner Teams- For students who have danced Salsa or Bachata for a short period of time, but are wanting to improve their technique and expand their skills. These team are MOTIVATED and thirsty to learn more.

-Advanced Beginner and Intermediate Teams- For students who are far along their path of becoming incredible Salsa and Bachata dancers. There are strict audition requirements, high expectations, and rigorous team practices at this level of teams.

-Note: if you are an On1 dancer, you are still eligible to try out for On2 teams at your dance level. The teams include technique and choreography classes which can help you learn On2 timing.

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