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Sensual Bachata for LADIES ONLY

Sensual Bachata is growing in popularity, and we are here to help you learn how to move your body!
This class is for LADIES ONLY, and will teach you how to lead and follow isolations, body rolls, and more to allow for you to become a better follower! We believe that if you know how to lead it, you'll better know how to feel it! Don't miss out on this limited time course!

This class will focus on the technique with PARTNERWORK and FLOW although it's only ladies!

Wednesdays @7pm Starting August 10th (5-week course)

$17/single class
$65/full course


We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.

What is Sensual Bachata?

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To schedule for the 101 class click “sign up” above according to your preferred day of the week and start date or text/call (801) 466-0490. Prepayment is required to register.
Please wear something comfortable for physical activity to your first lesson and select your footwear carefully. We recommend shoes with semi-smooth soles to avoid sticking or slipping on the dance floor. Dance shoes are available for sale at the studio and are a must for dedicated dancers.
All of our Specialty Classes are available for a limited time. To see the duration of the class, click on the specific style you would like to learn. If a course does not specify how many classes there are, they will be on-going indefinitely. If you know you will miss a week or two, please let your instructor know by texting (801) 466-0490. If once a week isn’t good enough or it doesn’t fit in your schedule, consider doing Private Lessons.
Our group class pricing options are per person. The cost per lesson goes down as students purchase larger packages ranging from $8 to $17 per class. Click on the specific style you would like to join to see pricing options for that course.
Dance partners are not required unless specified. During each of our group classes, instructors rotate partners regularly. Already have a partner? Great! Although students may choose to stay with a designated partner throughout the class, it is strongly recommended for your learning to rotate and practice with other students for optimal improvement. This practice also improves class quality for your fellow students.
If the class you are attending has 101,102, or 103, then there will be a level to progress to, however, most specialty classes do not have these. With enough interest and good progress in the course, we may add more levels. You can also book private lessons to progress further.