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 West Coast Swing Dance Classes In Salt Lake City Utah

West Coast Swing Dancing Lessons in Salt Lake City

West Coast Swing is a form of swing dancing that is danced in a slot to moderate tempo blues, R&B and, in recent times, contemporary music. It is one of the most smooth and sexy dances in the swing dance family. It is highly musical and can adopt many nuances from other forms of dance. This makes West Coast Swing a highly versatile and social dance form with LOTS of social dancing opportunities in Salt Lake City!

Beginner West Coast Swing

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Beyond the Basics West Coast Swing

  •   Who can join? Anyone can join with instructor approval. No partner required.
  •   When can I Join? The first 2 weeks of the month.
  •   Cost: $3-$15/class depending on package. Complete group class pricing.
      • West Coast Swing Level 2

      • Thursday @ 8:00PM

      • Call or Text
        801-466-0490 to Register.

      • West Coast Swing Level 3

      • Thursday @ 7:00PM

      • Call or Text
        801-466-0490 to Register.

    West Coast Swing Dance Socials

      What do we LOVE about this new style of Swing dancing? Its the music and the style! You can dance West Coast Swing to any music and the style of this dance is groovy and smooth on the dance floor!

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