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How Can I Truly Become a Full-Fledged Dance Teacher?

(with a possibility of getting hired at DF Dance Studio)

Below is a general outline of how a person can go from a beginner, intermediate, or advanced level dancer to a dance teacher at DF Dance Studio. Many of our current instructors followed a similar path to this over their years. Our advice to you: stick with it, be diligent, and you can achieve anything you set your mind to!

The Steps

Through group classes and private lessons, you can learn to dance in the style(s) of your choice. Please note that every person learns at their own rate. Some people will take less than a year to develop great skill, others will take several years. Group and private lessons are available to you in a variety of styles.

Serious dancers refine their technique by preparing for competitions and performances. Join our dance teams to gain important experience performing onstage or if you are part of a college that has a dance department, take advantage of these teams. Look for audition dates on our teams page. Dancers from the highest DF Salsa, Bachata, Argentine Tango & WCS teams are eligible to take the "dance test" necessary to start the program. Ballroom dancers are required to have passed at least Silver medals with honors in all styles and have a minimum of pre-champ competition experience in NDCA sanctioned events.

Please let us know by that you are interested in teaching by filling out this form and we will contact you to schedule your "dance test" and/or determine what you need to complete before starting to TA in classes .

Now that you're a dancer yourself, you will start learning both the lead and follow of Level 1 steps of a style, in addition to developing your teaching skills. In our TA program, you will be given an opportunity to teach small portions of class, give stuents individual feedback and eventually a full 50 minute class. This usually takes about 6 months to complete the TA hours required and gain TA points needed. Stay diligent - you're almost there!

Once you have completed all the requirements and are confident in your own dancing skills, dance theory and have received sufficient TA hours, you are invited to schedule 2 interviews.

The 1st will have to do with your personality, attitude, professionalism and ability to fit well within DF studio work culture and represent its values. Position at DF studio is never guaranteed and may depend on current need / demand plus other factors mentioned above. Please note that many current instructors followed the same path to become a part of the DF teaching team.

The 2nd interview is a dance interview, where you will be passing off DF syllabus's over video and in person. Once completed, you will be welcomed to the team as a Junior instructor. Just fyi, compensation at the studio is based upon how many different styles and levels an instructor has passed off, whether or not they can teach both group and private lessons, coach dance teams and compete with students. So work hard - the more you know, the more valuable your are as a teacher!

The answer is that it really depends on your dance skill level. If you were an advanced dancer who took one of our training courses to understand theory and learn the other gender's part, you could jump straight into the "Dance Test" and then the interviews, since you already have the technique required to be a dance teacher. If you were more of a beginner/intermediate level dancer who took a training course, you would need to develop your dance skill some more through lessons & participation on teams, and then you could proceed to the final step. Our next Instructor Training Course starts May 18.

We're here to help you reach your goals. Please communicate regularly with your teachers about your path so they can help you!

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