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Interested in May 2018 Level 1 teacher training course? Apply Here & We'll Contact You!

How Can I Truly Become a Full-Fledged Dance Teacher?

(with a possibility of getting hired at DF Dance Studio)

Below is a general outline of how a person can go from a beginner, intermediate, or advanced level dancer to a dance teacher at DF Dance Studio. Many of our current instructors followed a similar path to this over their years. Our advice to you: stick with it, be diligent, and you can achieve anything you set your mind to!

The Steps

Through group classes and private lessons, you can learn to dance in the style(s) of your choice. Please note that every person learns at their own rate. Some people will take less than a year to develop great skill, others will take several years. Group and private lessons are available to you in a variety of styles. At least three months of dance training in ONE style of partnered dance is required before enrolling in teacher training Level 1 course.

We strongly recommend joining a dance team & gaining performance experience to take your dancing to a higher level!

Serious dancers refine their technique by preparing for competitions and performances. Join our DF dance teams to gain important experience performing onstage or if you are part of a college that has a dance department, take advantage of these teams. This in turn will help you become a higher-level dance teacher. Look for audition dates on our Latin dance teams page here or our Ballroom dance teams page here. Dancers who have this performance experience usually become higher level teachers.

Once you are a dancer yourself, you're ready to get training on the inner-workings of a real-life dance studio! Join Teacher Training Level 1 on May 5th, 2018 to start your path towards teaching dance. Learn important lessons about conflict resolution, retention, & lesson planning while practicing your teaching skills. Get weekly teaching methods classes from dance experts in many dance styles, and practice your teaching in real-life practice sessions. Best of all, get weekly feedback so you can see your progress. Tuition is only $80 per month for 2 hours of teaching methods class on Saturdays plus real-life dance class experience during the week! You'll receive so much value in this 14 week course.

Apply for May 2018 Teacher Training

Once you are confident in your own dancing skills & ability to teach dance theory, you are welcome to schedule two interviews.

The 1st will have to do with your personality, attitude, professionalism and ability to fit well within DF Dance Studio work culture and represent its values. Position at DF studio is never guaranteed and may depend on current need / demand. Please note that many current instructors followed the same path to become a DF instructor.

The 2nd interview is a dance interview, where you will be passing off DF syllabus's over video and in person. Once completed, you will be welcomed to the team as a Junior 1 instructor to teach basic date night & drop-in classes.

In order teach more classes with us, we recommend completing Teacher Training Level 2 in order to graduate to a Junior 2 instructor. This higher level Teacher Training course challenges you to implement syllabi, retain students, create lesson plans & more. Where Level 1 gives you the tools to become a great dance instructor, Level 2 is where you IMPLEMENT your new skills so they become good habits.

Just fyi, compensation at the studio is based upon how many different styles and levels an instructor is able to teach, whether or not they can teach both group and private lessons, coach dance teams and compete with students. Work hard - the more you know, the more valuable you are as a teacher!

Apply for Teacher Training & We Will Contact You

Dance Styles We Teach

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  • Adult Hip Hop at Df Dance Studio
  • Salsa Classes at DF Dance Studio - Start Now!
  • Smooth, Romantic Bachata Dancing at DF Dance Studio - Salt Lake City
  • West Coast Swing CRAVE Social at DF Dance
  • Country Swing Dance Utah at DF Dance Studio - Rock those country clubs & bars!
  • Utah Ballroom Dancing Lessons - DF Dance Studio
  • Cicily & Cohen practicing their ballroom dance at DF Dance Studio
  • Passionate, Romantic Tango at Salt Lake City's The Gateway Mall