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Why Dance as a Career?

Teaching Dance is a rewarding profession for those who are passionate about dancing! It requires an additional set of skills over performing dance, competing dance, and taking dance lessons. Join our program to become a dance teacher that studios want to hire & that students love to learn from.

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Here is what teaching dance can do for you!

  • Be an expert in your art form. When you really break down HOW to do every move in the best possible way, you will really come to KNOW your dance styles. It’s rewarding to be truly knowledgeable and share that knowledge with the world.
  • Make an impact. You won’t go through life wondering if you are making a difference. Your students will show you on a daily basis that you are a certified professional who is changing the world for the better!
  • Make life-long friendships. The dance teacher community is a large and friendly one. When you step into this profession, you gain relationships with a network of lovely people that you won’t believe you lived so long without!
  • Achieve your dream! You’ve been impacted by wonderful teachers in your life, and now you get to reach that dream of becoming an inspiring teacher yourself!

Questions? Ask us!

Frequently asked questions

Our program is open to everyone! Previous dance training will make the program easier to complete, but those without experience can still join. We recommend private lessons for every one enrolled in the course for additional practice and to really come out on top. Please note that the exam will test your dance skill, so a person without dance experience will have to take additional classes & training to get up to speed.
As with any career, earning potential has a wide range. On average in Utah, full time dance teachers usually earn $30K to $60K per year. They can work at studios, schools, rec centers, event centers, and even own their own business.
Enrollment will vary from semester to semester, but average class size is 8 – 15 people. We like keeping our classes small so that each student receives lots of individual feedback and is helped to become the best teacher they can be.
The cost of tuition is very reasonable – only a couple hundred dollars per semester. Our semesters range for 14-16 wks and tuition ranges from $350-$400 depending on the semester length. Other costs include exam fees, registration, books, and study materials. Check out our pricing page for more details.
We want you to leave our program with confidence, so you'll develop your articulation, teaching, and interpersonal skills by presenting in front of a group on a regular basis. As far as dancing goes, you will learn both the lead and follow roles to all our syllabus steps and dive into the technique and skill of each dance style.
Generally, we would advise you to spend an hour of study and review outside of class for every hour that you spend in class. Additionally, we would advise weekly private lessons to really solidify your skills and become the best teacher you can be!