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Country Western Swing Dance Two Step Utah

Country Dance Lessons

Do you enjoy country music? Or at least appreciate the easy-going nature of country folk? Country dancing is easy to start & lots of fun to do socially. There are plenty of places around Salt Lake City to Country dance, so if you want to meet people, this is the style to know and it's a blast to do! You're welcome to wear boots to class if you've got them. Regardless, always come in shoes & attire that are easy to move in.

Country Swing Level 1 - Beginners Course

Starting July 2nd: Every Monday at 7 pm

Starting Aug 15th: Every Wednesday at 7 pm

Class Length: 50 minutes, once a week

At least 3 months of previous Country Swing experience required. Refine your style & learn more advanced steps.

Cost: $15 per single class, $12 per class when you sign up for 1 month, $10 per class when you sign up for 3 months.

Country Swing Demo

What are the different Country styles offered at DF Dance?

1. Country Swing is one of the most POPULAR styles in the Country genre because of its huge variety of steps, quick spins, cool tricks & dips, and energetic style.

2. Line Dancing is a MUST KNOW for anyone who wants to go out & Country dance, and there are MANY line dances to choose from! Learn line dances in our Country Swing classes.

3. Two Step is a style that travels around the dance floor in time to your favorite Country songs.

We recommend learning all three in order to be able to dance to any music & really have a blast on Country dance floors.

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Country Dancing Videos

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