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We love hearing from our students! Read our google reviews here and see what other students are saying! DF Studio Google Reviews. See you on the dance floor!

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Immerse your kids in dance. Now taking students 2018 session! Start Jan 8 - Register Now.

Choose from Break Dance, Hip Hop, Tahitian, Ballroom, Ballet, Bollywood & Latin Dance!

Non-Competitive Classes

DF Kids offers non-competitive, life-enriching classes for ages 4 to teens. Students in these classes learn dance steps, technique, and routines specific to the style(s) of their choice. Our non-competitive classes are focused on having fun, developing new skills and friendships, plus they perform at recital. These classes do not travel or compete. Program runs Jan 8 to May 24. BONUS: Get 40% off each additional class that you register for! See pricing page here for details.

Competitive Ballroom Classes

Ages 7 - 18 have the option of experiencing the thrill of competing! These classes are for dancers who want a more focused and diciplined approach to dancing. Check out Ballroom Beginner (Ages 7 - 12) or Ballroom Team (Ages 12 - 18) for details about our Competitive Program that runs Jan 9th to May 22nd.

Fill out our 2018 Session intake form and we will contact you!

To ensure that children are placed in correct classes and to meet you & answer your questions, we required all parents to meet with a DF advisor when they start their kids in our program. Please fill out the form below and we will contact you to set up a short meeting where we will get your child registered.

Fill Out Intake Form Here

Note: Level 1 classes can be joined by any age 4+ but Level 2 classes must be passed off to join. Team classes require an audition. Fill out the intake form above and we'll help you choose the right dance classes for your child.

Break Dance & Hip Hop on Mondays - Register by Jan 11

Break Dance 1 (5pm) & Hip Hop 2 (5pm)

Hip Hop 1 (6pm) & Break Dance 2 (6pm)

Break Dance

Kids learn how to improvize and move with confidence and spontaneity in our Break Dance classes. They develop strength as they learn cool floor moves. Expect your child to gain neat tricks in this style. Two levels available.

Hip Hop

Youth develop their own style and personality in our Hip Hop classes. They dance to popular music and rhythms in an expressive way! Your child will develop great self-confidence and musicality in this style. Previous experience needed for Level 2 class. Note: Team Hip Hop is held on Wednesdays! Scroll down to Wednesays for details.

Ballroom 1 & Tahitian 1 on Tuesdays - Register by Jan 11

Ballroom Beginner (5pm) & Ballroom Team (5pm & 6pm) - Part of our Competitive Program. More details here.

Tahitian (6pm)

Ballroom Dance

Our ballroom youth learn how to work with a partner and develop connection to comunicate non-verbally on the dance floor. They'll cover popular styles of Waltz, Samba, Cha Cha, and more! No previous needed for Ballroom Beginner class, while basic ballroom knowledge required for Ballroom Team. Registering with a partner is recommended.


This style is rhythmic & fun where students learn foot patterns & how to isolate areas of their bodies. They'll get to know the basic footwork, hip movement, and styling of Ote'a dance. No previous experience needed.

Latin, Ballet & Team Hip Hop on Wednesdays - Register by Jan 11

Latin 1 (5pm)

Ballet 1 (6pm) & Team Hip Hop (6pm)

Latin Dance

Students learn exciting Latin rhythms and techniques as a solo dancer and a partner. Expect your kids to gain confidence while understanding the rhythms and zesty movements associated with Salsa, Merengue, Cha Cha & other Latin dances. No previous experience needed.

Team Hip Hop

Hip Hop is an empowering & funky style for kids to learn, and we want to make sure they're always feeling happy & challenged. Those with Hip Hop experience will increase their confidence & further develop their personal style in Hip Hop team. Plus they really enjoy the music, since those strong beats come from artists they know and love. Audition required - Dec 15 at 7pm.


Ballet is lyrical & fluid, while being strong & precise at the same time! Students in this style develop strength & elegance through class exercises. Please note: In 50 minutes, we don't have time for barre work. Instead, all of our exercises will be performed in center & down the floor.

TEEN Bollywood on Thursdays - Register by Jan 11

Bollywood (5pm)

Bollywood TEEN

We are really excited to begin our Bollywood dance for teens! This style is just plain fun. See pure joy on your kid's face as they experience the energizing, fun, aerobic style associated with uptempo Indian-infused music. No previous experience required. Ages 13+

Start Your Kid(s) In Dance - Register Here

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Cool opportunity: We are in need of 1st - 6th grade boys in our Ballroom Beginner class - SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE!

Apply for scholarships for boys below. Help him gain the impressive skill of leading a partner around the dance floor early on, you won't regret putting him in dance! Get 70% off tuition with scholarship.

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Your child is guaranteed to have fun & develop great new skills in our kids, youth, & teen program!

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